My Virtual Bedside Table and ALL the Books

Well, my virtual bedside table (aka my Kindle) has been getting very, very little use lately with the amazing weather we’re having here in Seattle but still, lots of book recommendations have been flowing my way and my virtual pile of books is really starting to stack high. I thought I’d make a quick list here of which books are on my soon-to-be-read list (and soon-to-be is very relative as I can’t motivate myself to do any reading whatsoever right now).

kindle books

Without further-ado, here is my list of books to read. Please chime in and let me know if you’ve read them, loved them, hated them, have them on your list as well… hopefully I’ll be bringing some book reviews here soon!

  1. Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan
    I’ve been told by a friend that this is a pretty hilarious book, especially for those of us that travel often and experience the differences in cuisine from city to city and state to state. We’ll see if I ever get around to reading it…
  2. Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty
    So I’m actually really excited about this one and a little disappointed that I did indeed start a book on my vacation to San Diego this past weekend that wasn’t this one… I read both The Husbands Secret and What Alice Forgot, both by Liane and I LOVED them both. So I need to get on this.
  3. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
    I actually started this a few months ago, got about 50% through and decided it was too dark. It’s just kind of a downer, can anyone tell me if I should stick it out and finish this one?
  4. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
    Another one by the “Gone Girl” author. I LOVED Gone Girl but couldn’t get into Dark Places, anyone have an opinion on this one?
  5. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet: A Novel by Jamie Ford
    This is the book I started over the weekend. I’m about 30% through it and its… meh, it’s okay. I do think it will get better, it’s certainly not a “I have no desire to finish this book” type book (yet), but I’m just not sure I’m in love with it.
  6. Has Anyone Seen My Pants? by Sarah Colonna
    I’m kind of sort of super excited for this one. But still not motivated to read when I could be running or cycling outside. I’ve only heard great things about this book and follow Sarah and her fiance Jon Ryan (yes, the Seahawks kicker) on Twitter and they are both f*ing hilarious. So this should be good.
  7. Going Off Script by Giuliana Rancic
    I’m (shamelessly) semi-obsessed with Giuliana and Bill Rancic. Don’t as me why. It’s not rational. I can’t answer you with a decent reason. But I bought this book – IN HARD COVER NO LESS – and it will be one of my first reads once I get back in the reading groove.

So, what are you reading? Have you read any of these? Did you love them? Hate them? Do you have other recommendations for me?? Because 7 books sitting waiting for me to get around to them is clearly not enough…


Color Run 2015 7

#bluehairdontcare #colorrun #shinetour #wegotmedals

Alright, and that’s my hashtag limit for the day week. Time for some confessions! 

  1. I confess… that Ann Taylor was having a 40% of sale yesterday on everything and I’m not even a tiny bit ashamed that I purchased several new pieces while sitting on my couch with killer allergies. #onlineshoppingforthewin and another hashtag, my bad.
  2. I confess… I have another 5k on June 6th and… I haven’t run since the Color Run this past Sunday. Oops! Maybe next week.
  3. I confess… that while doing the Whole30 all I want to do is eat all the things. I usually have pretty good self-control when it comes to food but as soon as I start to limit myself I want all the popcorn, brownies and soda. I promise I’m being good, 4 days strong.
  4. I confess… I apparently have allergies. This is a new discovery but as my eyes have not stopped itching and watering for 4 days now, I’m going to go ahead and self-diagnose myself with allergies. Claritin has been of no help and I need some suggestions for how to survive this.
  5. I confess… I went to bed at 8:30pm last night. No shame. I had a 7am call this morning and I have a 9pm call this evening. And now I’m just politely bitching about my never ending day so I’m going to wrap it up.

Happy almost Friday everyone!!