Thankful Thursday – August 28



Today I am so, so thankful for our continued sunshine here in Seattle. I’m thankful that I have taken time this summer to enjoy the sunshine every opportunity I’ve gotten and I’m thankful that I’ve spent that time enjoying the weather with friends and loved ones.

I’m thankful that I’m able to spend money to go do things I want to experience. I’m thankful that this weekend I’m going to a Sounders game AND a Mariners game AND AND the Huskies Football season kicks off on Saturday.

I’m so very thankful for the amazing summer I’ve had and I’m just as much thankful for the cooler, beautiful, colorful Autumn that is (too) quickly approaching.

Happy Thursday everyone, today is almost as happy as Friday :)

To move forward you must leave where you are…

First Step

I’m at a bit of a crossroads in my life. And I think at 25 years old that’s a pretty appropriate place to be. I’m starting to really consider what I want out of life, not just 10, 20, 30 years from now, but right now – what do I want for my life right now? Within the next year? Shit, within the next week. 

Do I want to be in an assistant position with no opportunity for growth in my career for another year? No. The answer to that one is a definite no. 

But what do I want to do to change that? Do I want to switch fields at my current company or do I want to look for a new job at another company? Do I want to try to chase my dream and get a job in the wedding industry and likely take a major pay cut but start working towards my ultimate goal? Well the answer to that one is tricky, yes, I’d like that. But there’s no way I could afford that pay cut at this point in time. 

Then, if I do decide to look elsewhere for a job, do I want to stay put in Seattle and just keep doing my same old same? Or do I want to really change it up and move somewhere I’ve never been or at least never lived before? I mean yikes, but maybe that would be amazing?! And when else am I going to have the chance to uproot my whole life with little to no consequences to anyone other than myself? 

Do I want to go back to school for some sort of training to do something other than marketing? Because let’s face it, marketing professionals are a dime a dozen and I’m not likely to make good money doing it anytime even remotely soon. So if the owning a bridal boutique dream fails, I’d like to be able to make some moola in a different career. No body goes to business school to be poor.
Let’s start with that I hated school. Going to get a masters degree in business is a big fat “no” in my mind. I have no desire to go back to that kind of school. But maybe I could find something I’m genuinely interested in and go get a degree or certification in that. For instance, I thought about going back to school for programming/coding for awhile. That interests me, but I don’t know if it interests me enough to dedicate myself to studying, learning, paying for more schooling…
We could discuss some other aspects of my life that need some sorting out as well (ahem, love life), but we’ll skip those for the day. I guess I’ll conclude this the same way it started, at some point I have to decide I’m no longer willing to stay where I’m at, and at that point I hope I’ve answered some of the above questions so I can get to where I want to be…
For now, I’ll just keep writing vague blog posts about how I have no idea what I want to do with my life… yeaaaa.

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