An Update on Life

WOW. Again, it’s been forever since I’ve come to this space and I’m a little ashamed that I have to start with that sentiment every single post since they’re so sporadic.

A lot has happened in the last month or two or three or however long it’s been since I last did an update. I’ve traveled, I’ve dated, I’ve bought a house and moved, the list goes on and on and I’m going to highlight some of it here. Brought to you by my handy-dandy camera phone.

Some friends of mine bought a house and had a housewarming party a while back and then a group of us went and sat in a “suite” for the Everett AquaSox game – which is the double A or triple A or something A team under the Mariners :)


I went to Port Townsend for a weekend to visit my Aunts who live there. I love the town of Port Townsend, tons of good food, cute little book stores and COOKING stores… I have a kitchen tools/accessories obsession. On the way to PT you have to drive through Port Gamble, which almost always seems pretty empty, but it is just THE cutest little town ever. And when I say little, I mean, it’s like maybe half a mile long :)

20150905_075654_resized 20150905_075750_resized

The following weekend I took a couple days off and went to visit my favorite person in the world in San Diego. This is the last year Alexis will be in San Diego since she’s starting dental school (who knows where) in the Fall of 2016 so I am desperately trying to take full advantage of her being in San Diego by visiting every few months this year.

On this particular trip our goals consisted of:

  1. Eat all the good food
  2. Do the Torrey Pines Hike (which I’ve done and written about before)

Extraordinary Desserts. WOW.


Some little hole in the wall Russian restaurant where we ordered ALL.THE.FOOD. not kidding, the waiter told us, in fewer words, that we were ordering far too much food for two people. We happily ate to our hearts and fat kids dreams content and then had lunch the next day too. Can you say Dumplings?


Torrey Pines. Nuff said.


Watching the Seahawks game is important even when you’re in the most beautiful city in the US. We headed to a bar for the 10am game and I drank my weight in Bloody Mary’s and also ate my weight in breakfast burrito and potatoes. It was a heart wrenching loss and we learned just how many Hawk Haters there are out there but it was so worth it. And by Hawk Haters, I mean not a single person in the bar was a Rams fan or could have cared less about our game frankly, but when we lost, the second we lost, the whole bar erupted in cheers. I only managed to hold back my contempt by reminding myself that they’re just jealous that the Chargers suck.


Have I mentioned here that I love my job? Because I freaking love my job. My company likes to celebrate and we go big, this was the first home Hawks game and we celebrated Blue Friday in style. Blue and green jello shots were had. Sadly I did not win the tickets the company was giving away.

20150925_142528_resized_1 20150925_142714_resizedimagejpeg_0_resized

Last but certainly not least – I BOUGHT A HOUSE! And you know, by house I mean townhouse, but that’s what I wanted.

I signed away my life in my old apartment. The apartment where I first lived alone. The apartment where I often felt very alone but more importantly grew strong on my own. Leaving was bittersweet for me, not because I loved the place, I didn’t, look how small it was, that is literally the whole place, but because I grew so much as a person in that apartment. I really do think that sometimes it’s hard to leave things not because of the things/places themselves, but because of who you were and who you became in the moments you spent in that space.


After signing my life away I had to deep clean the apartment and ugh. Just fucking ugh.


Then I got the keys to my new place, after a chaotic week where many tears were shed and it all almost fell through. Another post for another day.


And priorities first thing setup in the new house was the TV stand and my new, 55″, smart TV. I haven’t had cable for almost two years and I NEEDED CABLE again. Watching the hawks game on my own TV from my own couch (which is being replaced, new one coming next week) was the best thing ever. ever ever.


Obviously there is lots more to cover about the buying of a house, the fact that I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, and lots of house/room reveals to be shared as things settle. I only moved this past weekend and although everything I owned previously was unpacked and organized the day I moved in but lots of packages have been arriving, I bought a new couch and dining room set that are being delivered next week along with a desk. So – lots more updates to come. You know, if I can be bothered to write another post or two.

House Hunting Heartbreak

The housing market here in Seattle is straight up bonkers right now. Homes are selling the day their listed for 10, 20, 30k more than ask. I DON’T HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY!!!! Ack. There have been more than a couple house hunting heartbreaks because of this, to say the least.

First of all, I’ve been looking since… November? I’ve put offers in on 5 different town houses I think and they’ve all fallen through for one reason or another.

  1. The price skyrocketed with 15 offers the day it was listed (multiple properties)
  2. The price didn’t skyrocket but they took the first offer that came in without the couple even touring the place because WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT WHEN THE UNIT IS GOING TO SELL BEFORE YOUR WORK DAY IS OVER?!?!!?
  3. The offer was accepted but then later a higher offer came in and they pushed mine aside because apparently verbal agreements mean nothing to jackass real estate agents.
  4. The offer was accepted but then the HOA took 3 weeks to get me the documents my offer was contingent on and the rules in place for renting your unit out later on were IN.FREAKING.SANE. And the goal is to rent this as an investment property eventually

Now, those are my past house hunting woes. Not that it’s gotten any better as of late, there is way less on the market and the listing prices are starting on average 20k higher than they were in April. With that said, I’ve found two new contenders and I need your help!

  1. This one is in Mill Creek, an area I like and know well. It’s got a great kitchen (once I add a portable island), nice living space and a very convenient attached, accessible, two car garage. However, it does not have a powder room on the main floor which is so weird to me, it has no outdoor space to speak of (pets are kind of difficult with that), and the bedrooms are definitely on the small side.
  2. This one is in Woodinville, great area, really beautiful, don’t know it well at all but I could learn, there’s lots near by. Has a great little dining area with a built in bar, great size bedrooms, outdoor space that backs to the community garden which could work for a small dog and a powder room on the main floor. However, THE GARAGE IS ATTACHED BUT THERE IS NO ACCESS FROM THE UNIT. What in the actual F were these contractors thinking??? One car garage, great, wait, I can’t access it from my house? I have to go outside, open the garage, go in, get in car, etc. and then when I get home, park, come out of the garage, close the garage and then go up all those stairs to enter my place on the second floor – my mind is just boggled. Really, that and the popcorn ceiling I’d have to have removed are the only downsides of this unit. Oh and the kitchen is pretty tiny and in desperate need of some new appliances.

Alright blog world, I need your help!! Do I walk away from both or do I pick the lesser of two evils? Amazingly, these are both well within my price range so even as the price goes up with multiple bids I should be okay. Seriously, please help.