Guest Chef Charity Dinner


Last night I had the pleasure of attending a Guest Chef night at FareStart which is a local charity here in Seattle that provides “culinary job training and placement program for homeless and disadvantaged individuals.” They not only allow people to get culinary certifications to help them get and keep jobs, but they are also serving the community and helping to provide much needed meals to Seattle’s homeless and less-fortunate.

It appeared that monthly they do this Guest Chef Night which is what I got to attend last night. My good friend works in catering at the Seattle Art Museum restaurant, TASTE and her head chef, Craig Hetherington was the guest of honor last night. This is an amazing cause and I was so happy to support it while enjoying a beyond delicious meal. I wish we’d gotten a picture of the potato soup that started off the meal, but alas, I’m a bad blogger and didn’t even take the pictures I do have below. Thanks Katy for the pics!

I don’t remember what this was that I had below, it was the vegetarian option so it had corn, mushrooms, a cream sauce and beyond delicious potato dumpling things which have an actually name that I can no longer recall. But YUM.

Fare Start Entree

Two of the people we went with got the non-vegetarian option and had the below meal. Ahi Tuna – yumm. I was jealous.

Fare Start Entree 2

Then there was a peach upside down something or other for dessert. Peach isn’t my thing so I only took a bite, but everyone else swore it was delicious.

Fare Start Dessert

This was a really fun, yummy and awesome event to attend all in the sake of charity. I strongly encourage you all to make your way down to FareStart at some point if you’re in Seattle or to research if you have something similar in your city. What a great idea FareStart is implementing to help our homeless!

I Cheated – oops!

Well, I cheated on my vegetarian month. I’m going to blame the wine. This restaurant is so very cool, I’d never been (it’s a wee bit pricy) but I went with some guys from the office (and they picked up the tab #winning) and it was SO good. I am pretty positive they have RN74’s in other states and I highly recommend it for a nicer date or fun girls night out. Everything was exceptional and I don’t feel guilty about cheating one bit because it was sooo worth it.


Like I said, they have this really neat environment and a great selection of wine and fancy liquors and ooh the food. Oh my gosh, melt in my mouth best thing ever food. We started with deviled eggs and oysters and then I had the lobster pot pie for my entree. I kid you not, it was heaven. Everyone I was with was literally gawking at my meal and dipping their bread/fries/etc. in the sauce. TO.DIE.FOR.

I wish I could find a picture of it, they set it in front of my co-worker to “prepare” and I could have sworn he was going to eat it before it got to me.

RN74 2 RN74 3

This board, they list all the “lasts” they have – so the last glass, the last bottle, and as people purchase them they drop off the list like at an old train station so it’s constantly filtering through. Seriously, guys. This place is awesome. I can’t wait to go back!

Not a very exciting post today, but I’m back on track with the vegetarian thing for 12 more days, we’ll see how it goes! Happy almost Friday – for today, I’m thankful for some amazing company, amazing co-workers, and amaaaazing lobster pot pie :)


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