House Hunting Heartbreak

The housing market here in Seattle is straight up bonkers right now. Homes are selling the day their listed for 10, 20, 30k more than ask. I DON’T HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY!!!! Ack. There have been more than a couple house hunting heartbreaks because of this, to say the least.

First of all, I’ve been looking since… November? I’ve put offers in on 5 different town houses I think and they’ve all fallen through for one reason or another.

  1. The price skyrocketed with 15 offers the day it was listed (multiple properties)
  2. The price didn’t skyrocket but they took the first offer that came in without the couple even touring the place because WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT WHEN THE UNIT IS GOING TO SELL BEFORE YOUR WORK DAY IS OVER?!?!!?
  3. The offer was accepted but then later a higher offer came in and they pushed mine aside because apparently verbal agreements mean nothing to jackass real estate agents.
  4. The offer was accepted but then the HOA took 3 weeks to get me the documents my offer was contingent on and the rules in place for renting your unit out later on were IN.FREAKING.SANE. And the goal is to rent this as an investment property eventually

Now, those are my past house hunting woes. Not that it’s gotten any better as of late, there is way less on the market and the listing prices are starting on average 20k higher than they were in April. With that said, I’ve found two new contenders and I need your help!

  1. This one is in Mill Creek, an area I like and know well. It’s got a great kitchen (once I add a portable island), nice living space and a very convenient attached, accessible, two car garage. However, it does not have a powder room on the main floor which is so weird to me, it has no outdoor space to speak of (pets are kind of difficult with that), and the bedrooms are definitely on the small side.
  2. This one is in Woodinville, great area, really beautiful, don’t know it well at all but I could learn, there’s lots near by. Has a great little dining area with a built in bar, great size bedrooms, outdoor space that backs to the community garden which could work for a small dog and a powder room on the main floor. However, THE GARAGE IS ATTACHED BUT THERE IS NO ACCESS FROM THE UNIT. What in the actual F were these contractors thinking??? One car garage, great, wait, I can’t access it from my house? I have to go outside, open the garage, go in, get in car, etc. and then when I get home, park, come out of the garage, close the garage and then go up all those stairs to enter my place on the second floor – my mind is just boggled. Really, that and the popcorn ceiling I’d have to have removed are the only downsides of this unit. Oh and the kitchen is pretty tiny and in desperate need of some new appliances.

Alright blog world, I need your help!! Do I walk away from both or do I pick the lesser of two evils? Amazingly, these are both well within my price range so even as the price goes up with multiple bids I should be okay. Seriously, please help.


It’s FRIDAY!! Also known as FRIYAY! This week has flown by and thank goodness because I love every Friday, but when the Hawks first game of the (pre)season falls on a particular Friday, I love that one just a tad bit more.

Keeping it a bit lighter today, here are some random confessions:

  1. I confess… the 1989 World Tour was beyond amazing and I felt so young and free and crazy being there – wait no, I felt like the oldest person there that wasn’t a parent – but then I felt even older when it took me multiple days to recover because I was just so.dang.tired.TaylorSwift1989
  2. I confess… this weekend is the state tournament for the Special Olympics Softball team I coach and I’m hoping we lose our second game on Saturday so we don’t have to go back and get are butts kicked on Sunday too. #badcoachaward

  3. I confess… I just learned that there is a Sunday Ice Cream Cruise on Lake Union (yes, I’ve lived in Seattle my whole life) and I am completely amazed that I did not know this existed previously. My first free Sunday is going to be on that cruise drinking chocolate root beer floats, thank you very much.

  4. I confess… that my fridge has four pieces of homemade bbq chicken pizza that I’m trying desperately to hold off eating until at least around lunch time. And also trying to hold myself back from eating all four at once…

  5. I confess… that I am leaving for San Diego in 28 days and although in the grand scheme of things that is so very close, it seems so very far and I just want to go nowwwww

  6. I confess… that if I go out of my way to get you a gift of some sort for some special occasion, wedding, baby, housewarming, whatever it may be, and you don’t send me a thank you note – you may never receive another special occasion gift from me again. Because I’m a snob like that and think that thank you notes should always be sent.

  7. I confess… that I put myself on a spending freeze for the remainder of the month, I did this earlier this week, and it’s been harder than I thought – you really don’t realize how much crap you buy until you’re trying not to buy it. Amazon and I are best buds.

  8. I confess… that I maaaay have gotten in line to get on the waiting list for a POMSKY puppy. We’ll see in about a year if I ever actually make it to the list.

  9. I confess… that I hate belly buttons. They freak me out, I think they’re nasty. And then I recently came across this article, thanks Twitter and Womens Health Magazine, and I could just curl up in a ball. GROSS.

  10. I confess… that I (very embarrassingly) set an old (very fit) picture of me as my phone background for motivation. I cringe a little bit every time I see it, so I think it’s safe to say that it’s working. Also, that I’m totally embarrassed to unlock my phone with anyone around – hello narcissist.

And that’s all I’ve got for you today. Now to turn on Burn Notice – I mean… now to get back to work. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!