Life is Good

It’s Friday, the sun is shining, the Mariners play in Seattle tonight (which means the area near my office is buzzing with positive, excited energy), I’m drinking a Blue Moon at work, life is good.

Life is short

So because everything is just so dandy and fabulous, here is a post about what has been going on currently, because I can’t be bothered to spend any longer typing out a post rather than getting outside into the sunshine with my beer.


  • I’m absolutely counting down the days until I arrive in San Diego for one of my favorite girls graduation. #36days
  • J is in town (he moved to another state for work) and I’m soaking up all the time I can possibly get with him
  • The sun is out just about and I am really making a point to enjoy it – this is not typical for Seattle in April…or May… or June most years
  • I have tickets to my first Mariners game of the year for this Sunday. Love a day game, and the prediction of 68 and sunny is getting me very excited!
  • I’ve been cooking a lot of new and delicious things… which I should probably post here if I ever get around to taking pictures while I cook said things
  • I’m reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, I hate to say it, but I think it is too dark for me. Which means I’ll be switching to my book club book The Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford very soon
  • Since J is home I’ve been getting to spend time with my puppers and that sends me through the roof with extreme happiness and joy


Let’s be Pretty…


There are a million iterations of this quote, but I just love it. I don’t know who this Britt Nicole is, but I kind of love her too (Google tells me she’s a song writer/artist).

I think our society is so focused on outer beauty and how thin women are or how fat they are and how to get your BIKINI BODY.

I mean really? Do we care? Is that what we want to teach our daughters? I nannied and if the biggest worry in those little girls minds was their appearance, I’d be heartbroken. There are so many more important characteristics and qualities that I look for in a person.

Do I want the perfect bikini body? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY. Do I have the perfect bikini body? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY …. NOT. And that is really okay. I have people who love me. I am sure there are people that would ridicule my body, and I certainly ridicule my body, and I hate that I do, but I think it’s a human nature (unfortunately). So yes, there are people who would ridicule my body, those are not the people I choose to spend my time with. Those are not the people I surround myself with.

I don’t need any additional negativity in my life, especially if it’s directed towards something so insignificant as the shape of my body. So yes, Britt Nicole, let’s all work on being pretty kind, pretty funny, pretty smart, and pretty strong. Let’s all be pretty brave and try to move past the PRETTY stigma that so many of us feel we need to fit into and let’s work on leaving a larger legacy behind. Is pretty really how I want to be remembered?

I mean sure, people can list that off 8th when they describe me ;) It’s not my top priority any more.


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